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Gurteen College Farm is the largest agricultural farm in Ireland with over 380 hectares including dairy, beef, sheep, horses, machinery, tillage and forestry.

Over the years the college have implemented energy efficiency measures to reduce their energy use. These measures include the installation of a wind turbine and biomass boiler. There is also 80 acres of willow grown on the farm. Approximately one third of it is harvested each year in rotation. The harvested willow provides 80% of the heating for the college each year.

186 PV panels were installed on the roof of the horse arena. The main difference between photovoltaic panels and solar thermal panels is that PV directly converts the sun’s light into electricity. Solar thermal panels heat hot water from the sun’s energy. PV systems have some significant advantages over solar water heating systems in that they are easier to design, install, operate and maintain.

A total of €45,000 was invested into the installation of the PV panels and it is anticipated that they will produce over 40,000kW of electricity each year leading to a saving of between €7,000 and €8,000 per year. A new smart LED lighting system was installed to all the main buildings and arenas with a total cost of €163,788. Each building required an individual smart system with individual controls.making it the ideal location for our open day event.  The college also enjoys reduced maintenance costs on lighting and its overall energy use. The upgrades now allow the college to promote the sustainable energies that are available, especially to the agricultural sector thus making it the ideal venue to showcase Energy in Agriculture.

You will find detailed directions and accommodation listings in the links above. There will be hot food available throughout the day. Take away hot dinners available.  You can also sit down to a full meal. Tea/coffee/desserts/confectionery available all day.

In 2019, we welcomed 2,000 farmers and landowners to the college. We hope you can join us for a day of learning on July 19th 2022.