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Moocall Showcasing at Agri Futures Arena

Energy in Agriculture are delighted to have Moocall showcasing their innovative “Moocall Calving Sensor” and “Moocall Heat Collar”

Moocall Calving Sensor

The Moocall Calving Sensor monitors your pregnant cow so that you can get on with running your farm. When she needs you, Moocall will let you know. It monitors her contractions to accurately determine when she will most likely calf. Then they send an SMS alert to up to 2 phones to ensure that you can be present when calving occurs, usually about 1 hour prior to calving. They also send email and app notifications to give you that extra layer of cover. Helping you assist every calving, with no more wasted shed trips.

Moocall HEAT

Moocall HEAT is a collar that is worn by a stock or a teaser / vasectomised bull. Moocall eartags are attached to all cows and heifers. The collar then uses cow/bull proximity, mounting behaviour and bull activity levels to determine to an extremely high level of accuracy when a cow or a heifer is in heat. Moocall HEAT lets you drastically reduce the number of hours spent on heat detection. Get alerted via SMS, app and email when your cow has a standing heat.

We have a full day of live demos demonstrating sustainable transport, robotic agri-tech and innovations. These demos will be taking place between 11.00 – 17.00 in area B

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Agri Futures Arena is sponsored by Local Enterprise Office Tipperary