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Innovation Showcase

Last year saw the introduction the Innovation Showcase. This was kindly sponsored by Enterprise Ireland and Local Enterprise Office, Tipperary.

Participants demonstrated some of the best and brightest innovations that aim to increase efficiency and sustainability on our farms.

Winners of the Innovation Showcase Award Energy in Agriculture 2018Harp Renewables from Navan, Co. Meath were the overall winners of Energy in Agriculture 2018 Innovation Award and Enterprise Ireland Sponsored Award For ‘Best Indigenous Innovation’. They secured themselves inclusion to the National Ploughing Championships Innovation Arena the following month.

Joe Cowley said “Our BioNova range digesters are proof of passion and determination we have for bringing the world innovative and robust technologies in order to combat the great issue of our time, making a carbon neutral future a reality. The BioNova unit capacities range from 500kgs per week to 35000kgs per week, reducing weight and volume of Organic Material by an average of 70%, leaving a safe handling stable digestate, which can also be used as a Biomass Winner of Leo Tipperary ‘Best Innovation –Winner of Leo Tippeary Micro Enterprise Category’Fuel.”

The winner of Local Enterprise Office, Tipperary Sponsored Award For ‘Best Innovation – Micro Enterprise Category’ was Solar Electric from Wexford.

Robert Goss said “Bringing together solar PV and, in some projects the sonnen Batterie, to make electricity use savings for dairy farmers.The morning and evening milking patterns of most dairy farms have meant that Solar PV, with it’s midday peak production, has been only partially successful as a substitute for grid electricity. Innovations in dairy farming and battery technology are making our products a viable solution in many cases.Working with Cork Institute of Technology to understand the electricity use on a dairy farm and working with live installations to show the € and CO2 savings.”

Check back later for updates on Innovation Showcase 2019