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Darkin EV Chargers Showcasing at Agri Futures Arena

Darkin EV – the future of electric vehicle charging

Darkin Electrical has again shown the company’s ability to react to the market’s needs by launching Darkin EV – a brand new division that will meet the growing needs of the electric vehicle sector. Headed up by David Dunning, who has extensive experience within the EV sector, the launch of Darkin EV has been driven by the demand for charging facilities that are needed to support the fast growing popularity of electrical vehicles in Ireland. Focused on providing expert guidance alongside the design, supply and installation of EV charging units, Darkin EV has solutions to meet the requirements of home, work and public environments.

With five years’ experience in the EV charger industry, David brings with him a wealth of expertise and technical knowledge. This is enhanced further by his attention to detail and dedication to customer service which matches the innovative culture of Darkin Electrical to create a combination that will give customers confidence in this new field of business.

“Using our extensive experience, expertise and innovation, we deliver a unique range of charging stations.”

David said, “We are a progressive company, offering advice, solutions and a wide range of EV charger units for the domestic and commercial use as well as fleet management. “Using our extensive experience, expertise

Award-winning success continues and innovation, we deliver a unique range of charging stations. From the adaptable wall mounted charger through to our public use Street Chargers and high performance Fast DC chargers, we offer a charging solution to suit each setting.

“In addition, our Development team is continually developing and enhancing our Electric Vehicle charging range to meet the future requirements of our customers.” From design through to the full electrical installation, commissioning and maintenance, Darkin EV has the expertise in the domestic, industrial and commercial industry to create a solution that meets a customer’s unique needs.


Darkin EV’s commitment to the sector is showcased by the company’s work to educate the public about the benefits of electric vehicles. Darren Kinsella, Managing Director, explained, “We know there is a cagey outlook to owning an electric car, but once it’s explained to people, and they are educated about the concept, they come round quickly, and go for it. There is common consensus that once people begin driving the E-car, they tend not to go back.”

“We are currently working with a pharmaceutical company in Dublin to host an open day presentation on the E-car and the EV Chargers. With Nissan and Hyundai involved, there will be test drives and a presentation, with a Q&A afterwards. This is something we would like to see more of, and we are willing to visit other such establishments in the future.”

Darkin will be showcasing their EV Chargers all day in the Agri Futures Arena. For more information on their products, visit