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2017 Posters winners

The Energy In Agriculture research poster looked for third level researchers to present projects with the highest relevance to the Energy production or efficiency in the agriculture sector. The Posters were displayed at Energy in Agriculture 2017.

In Third place is Aoife Long, a Researcher in MaREI in UCC who presents research on guarantees of origin for Biomethane and drew up a template and auditing program for Green gas in Ireland after a detailed stakeholder consultation. Certification of green gas is critical to get buy in from many of our enterprises in Ireland who are willing to pay a premium for genuine renewable energy.

In Second Place is Shane McDonagh, again from MAREI in UCC who has looked at the utilisation of excess renewable electricity to produce hydrogen for the production of methane. Shane has estimated an energy cost of 12.4c/kWh cost of energy with an energy cost of 3.5c/kWh. We currently have a small excess of electricity on windy nights, this will grow and it will be critical to be able to use technologies like this for maximisation of the value of renewable electricity.

In First place is Stephen Nolan (pictured above) from NUI Galway. Stephen analysed the destruction of pathogens from Anerobic digestion with Slurry and food production waste versus stored slurry. Stephen found that the pathogen levels of Co-mixing and Anerobic digestion were significantly lower than that of straight slurry, but still above the required Department pathogen levels. The Addition of higher energy waste products to slurrys will be critical to ensuring viability of Anerobic digestion, however we still need to get to safe pathogen levels as robustly as possible, research like this is of significant value to this debate as the parasitic energy use of pasteurisation can severly impact economic viability.